Where do you invest?

Because of the historical background of the team, we invest in businesses in the UK and India aiming to synergise growth opportunities in these two markets.

How much do you invest?

Depending on various factors such as team, sector and the degree of traction that has been attained we will consider an investment range of £200,000 (Rs 2 crores) – £ 500,000 (Rs 5 crores) . For larger investment amounts we will syndicate with other VC’s or Angel funds.

How can you help us apart from financially?

We are committed to helping all our portfolio companies in any way possible either through our network of contacts or through a mentoring process using our own personnel as well as philanthropic mentors associated with us who have an interest in helping out entrepreneurs where they can.

We are building out a team of advisors in specific verticals such as Saas, Analytics, Mobile, E-Commerce, Social, Big Data as well as those with US market expertise and reach.

We are not a passive investor, and take meaningful positions on a board with proactive contributions towards company decision making and direction.

Do you accept single founder teams?

As a general rule no, however there can be exceptions. Even in exceptional cases we would encourage an entrepreneur to team with another suitable person at some point. It is difficult enough to run a growing startup let alone trying to do it all by yourself.

What specific areas do you invest in?

We invest mostly in domain expertise. So if teams and entrepreneurs with experience in an industry think technology aided innovation can successfully disrupt the traditional value chain, we are keen. Our preference lies in companies within the B2B or B2B2C marketplace. However, Heath Ventures has invested in pure B2C business as well

Apart from money how can you help our business achieve its objectives?

We like to help out in any way possible. If there is an area of expertise in your vertical that we are lacking we will find people who can help.